There is currently a stated need for improved safety, efficacy and efficiency within the healthcare service in Mexico. There are many pressures being exerted on the Mexican healthcare service, namely increased demand due to a rise in chronic lifestyle related conditions e.g. Type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. It is also affected by an ageing population, low resources and poor and ageing infrastructures, staff sickness and absenteeism.

A new study funded by the University of Nottingham’s “Global Challenges Research Fund” is being led by Dr Alexandra Lang, Human Factors Research Fellow in the NIHR MindTech MedTech Co-operative.

This project aims to build on existing relationships between the University of Nottingham and the Universidad de Guadalajara, and generate learning and improvement which can be applied locally in Mexico and offer insight for use in other healthcare services.

The project will seek to meet three objectives:

  1. To understand the challenges within the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara in regards to staff and patient safety and wellbeing.
  2. To test the feasibility of mobile technology for data collection in health service design research in a Mexican hospital setting.
  3. To develop a scheme of knowledge transfer which facilitates the upskilling of non-clinical Mexican researchers (designers, engineers, computer scientists) looking to collaborate in health services design research and improvement.

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