Session 1: Current Research on mHealth & remote video technology 

Prof Mike Cooke CBE: Welcome

Prof Chris Hollis: Opening Remarks

Prof Shon Lewis: Digital mHealth approaches to managing psychosis

Prof Richard Morriss & Dr Sam Malins: Faster translation of evidence to practice: a RCT of videoconferencing for health anxiety 

Dr Mike Scanlan: Using video technology to deliver IAPT services

Session 2: Looking to the future: unmet clinical needs and research gaps

Sarah Bateup: Providing evidenced based interventions online can mean quicker, prolonged recovery: the top three research questions 

Dr Simon Wilson: evaluating the impact of 'direct to consumer' online mental health services

Prof Til Wykes: MyHealthLocker and the future of integrated PHRs, mHealth and online mental health

Keynote address: Dr Geraldine Strathdee:

Why does mental healthcare need evidence-based technological transformation?


Session 3: Horizon scanning: avatars and novel technology-based interventions

Prof Tom Dening: CASA: Connecting Assistive Solutions to Aspirations

Prof Tom Craig: Clinical Trial of AVATAR therapy for voices: early indications of opportunities and challenges facing implementation in routine clinical services

Andrew Jackson: Putting feelings into pictures: feasibility study learnings and future plans for ProReal, a 3-dimensional avatar-based visualisation software

Keynote address: Gregor Henderson:

Public Mental Health and the digital technology revolution